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Potomac101 12-26-2007 11:33 AM

Quick question (I think)
I have a hot wire (capped w/ wire nuts) running to a box awaiting an outlet. From this same box is a wire (not connected to ANYTHING) running to another box, also awaiting an outlet.

The induction type circuit tester shows BOTH wires to be hot, but the voltmeter indicates that there is no current flowing through the unattached wire.

Is the second, unattached, wire picking up some minor current from the hot wire by induction?


Andy in ATL 12-26-2007 06:25 PM


220/221 12-26-2007 07:35 PM

Definetly maybe.

Potomac101 12-27-2007 04:42 AM

How is it that the unattached wire shows a current with the induction tester but nothing with the voltmeter?


Speedy Petey 12-27-2007 06:46 AM

Phantom voltage

Andy in ATL 12-27-2007 06:25 PM

Spooky scary bloodsucking phantom voltage that disappears when a load is applied to the wires. There is a cool demonstration on a pro's site that shows 120V worth of induced voltage on a wire that is completely unattached from any power source. This is why solenoid type testers are the best, in my opinion for homeowners. They apply a small load (voltage makes them vibrate, often) and make the scary voltage go away.


J. V. 12-28-2007 11:54 AM

Andy, I havent had/used a wiggy in many years. But your statement has got me thinking about going out and getting one.....Thanks John

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