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Yoo Shin 10-02-2007 12:27 PM

Questions about motion sensing flood lighting
I'm having a home built and after talking with the electrician, I've decided to buy my own flood lighting at a home improvement store and have them install them. He's doing the wiring, switch and install of the lights that I choose, on both sides of the house, for $60. He really couldn’t recommend a good motion sensor flood light, but said that he can do them for another $40. After browsing Home Depot's and Lowe's website, that seems a little cheap, and perhaps too cheep.

So what would DIYforums recommend? Which features are worth having and which are absolutely necessary? What I don't want is a light that'll go off every time a leaf falls off the neighbor's tree 100ft away.

KUIPORNG 10-02-2007 12:32 PM

I think this thing all similar... the bottom line is really material made to lasts rather than cheap plastic throughout... also I understand the sensor should avoid direct sunlight from the sun in order not to destroy or weaken its sensitivity... so made consider location of install with some roof covereing... I installed mine and got mine from Ebay is some sort of diecast unit...very strong... well they all made in China I believe.... though.... anyway... the story the thing work and still working... but it seems its sensitivity has been reduced from the time it was installed... may be due to the fact that I didn't take into consideration of direct sunlight factor....

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