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NancyNGA 03-17-2011 01:11 PM

Question on surface mounted wiring, plus ...
Want to replace a knob & tube circuit on second floor. Holes for K&T cannot be reused (too narrow and too many obstacles).
Circuit serves three ceiling lights/wall switches. A possibility may be to go up through a closet off a bedroom about 20 feet away,
through the attic crawl space, and down from the top to catch the ceiling lights. Then use surface mounting for the wall
switches (see sketch below). Would this be allowed?

Any special restrictions about how to wire through an attic crawlspace?

Doesn't wiring through a closet have to be enclosed? (I've got some lines already going through this closet that are not.)

Would surface mount with conduit be acceptible up through the closet?

ps. This house will be bulldozed whenever I sell it or die (whichever comes first, depending on how this wiring goes).:wink:

Green = proposed surface mount/conduit
Red = proposed new wiring

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