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Originally Posted by Stubbie View Post
I noticed it removes the requirement for a surface mounted box in the intro paragraph.
Yeah, I figure that the romex doesn't know or care whether it terminates into a flush or surface mounted box!



Life is uncertain -- eat dessert first!!
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Originally Posted by kbsparky View Post
Yeah, I figure that the romex doesn't know or care whether it terminates into a flush or surface mounted box!
Yeah that's a good point ....
" One nice thing about the NEC articles ... you have lots of choices"

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Need a WADSWORTH panel cover

hello, I am in desperate need of a wadsworth cover. My circuit box has the breakers, but they are exposed and I need the gray cover that goes over it. Are you still using your circuit breaker or did you change it (I read the postings). If you are still using it, do you know where I can get one like that from? Please email me at

Thank you,

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I'm only a lowly contract glazier, so when I put gas in my work van and drive to a house to give an estimate on a Anderson insulated window and tell them it will cost $175 and they say it is too much I drive back to the shop for nothing! Then mysteriously 2 weeks later they call back and say ok, but I need it done at 6:30 after kids practice. I go have the unit made, drive back and wait till 7:30, put the damn glass in all the while listening to their problems, get it done . Then I hand them a bill and they try to hand me a credit card, which I don't take. Wait for them to go to the bank , *****ing all the way , even though I told them I didn't take them. Get home for dinner at 10 pm , what do you suppose I made for the 20 minutes it took me to put that window in out of that $175.00. Gas , comp helper to ride around you got to be kidding me. Engineer this!!!!!!!!!!!
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Seems the OP is confusing an employee (the Master) with an EC whom the Master works for.

The Master is not making 100/hr. You see, the business gets to make money too. And at that rate, the EC can't be making much either, especially if it's a large CO.
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Originally Posted by k_buz View Post
Knowledge, tools, insurance, taxes, licensing, time...nothing like a slap in the face to every electrician on here to start your post off.
Not to mention a small job like that might only take a couple of hours and to trek all the way out to this guy's house and all the way back home killing half the day for $200 gross before tax, insurance, gas etc is barely worth it.

Reminds me of the guy who contacted me about a set of custom concrete sculptures for the doorway of his house, I had one of the two designs needed, and to do what he wanted was going to require a new model made from scratch, a rubber mold and casts made. I gave him a very reasonable quote I seem to remember was $950 for the model and mold, keeping in mind the model would take about 20 to 30 hours of time not including whatever time I spent on designs with him, the mold half a day's time, plus $300 in materials. The casts he needed were additional, he wrote back that it was WAY too much, turned out he thought he could get the whole thing done for the couple or three hundred dollars he wanted to spend on this!
Puhlease!! the materials alone were going to cost what he had in mind to spend total, not to mention the roughly 24 hours labor, I don't do charity work!


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