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i dunno if this is the right section to make this post if not can u just move it please?

alright heres the thing recently my xbox 360 gotten the 3 red lights an the guy said it prob was because i put it on a surge protector an i need to plug it into my wall socket so it can get all the power it needs.

now i dont trust my wall sockets i think there kinda faulty but when it was in the surge protector my 360 played good an stuff for like a year or 2 so if it was fine in the surge protector will it be safe in the wall sockets i dont wanna burn nuffin down lol.

in my living room when i plug in a heater our lights dimm an stuff. my friend said a heater runs more then a 360 (power wise) he could be wrong or right i dunno im just curious.


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Not sure about the 360 but surge protectors don't take any power away from the devices plugged in to them. In fact, I wouldn't dream of plugging in any electronic equipment more expensive than an alrm clock without a protector. In fact, I think I have my clock plugged in to one as well. I think you need to get a second, more informed opinion. Try "googling" "Xbox three red lights" or maybe this link would be a good place to start?
Good luck either way. I just had to fix my Playstation because the laser was kaput. Thank goodness it was a cheap fix.


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What guy told you this?

Luckily I have not gotten that problem yet, first gen 360 here. But the ROD issue is happening to a HUGE portion of 360s and they have or atleast did have a free repair / extended warranty period they put into effect.

But, I have never heard of the rings of death issue being caused by a surge protector! You ship it to Microsoft and get it fixed!
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A surge protector has no effect on the electricity going through it unless there is a power surge. There is no way in my opinion that the surge protector is in any way related to the problem with the xbox.
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For some unknown reason, most help-desk people will advise you to unplug any surge protectors, and plug the equipment directly into the wall receptacle.
The only logical reason I can think of which might justify this kind of advice is that they believe the circuit breaker on the surge strip has tripped, and the device is not receiving any power. Then, has anyone ever received logical advice from a help desk?

I agree with Kboorman on the surge suppressor. Never leave anything you value unprotected.
If you have power on the X-box, then the surge suppressor is not the problem.

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