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bobo60 11-13-2007 04:06 PM

Pvc Conduit

i have a few questions about pvc conduit. i am going to install a flood light fixture under an eve on the corner of my house. i am planning to run 1/2" pvc conduit from the inside wall through a brick wall to the outside of the house. is pvc ok for this application? i am running 4 #12 wires, 2 hots, neutral, and ground, from a 20a branch circuit,(extra hot in case i decide to put one light on a switch, and leave the other on the motion dectector) which is dedicated to one outlet for the washing machine. running pvc to a junction box outside the house first, then to the light, with another run of pvc from the j-box to a weather proof workbox, with a duplex gfci outlet. does all the pvc conduit get glued at the j-box, light fixture, and outlet? or do they make pvc connectors for workboxes and fixtures, so it can be disasembled if needed. ive heard that after awhile, pvc conduit will bow from hot weather, is this true? i dont think it will be an issue tho, because none of the pvc will be in direct sunlight, and all the runs are short, longest being about 5-6', and will be clamped down well.

pls advise,


goose134 11-14-2007 09:52 PM

If you are using a weatherproof box (Bell box) with threaded hubs, they make a PVC fitting that will screw in and accept conduit end. Glue all your joints. As for using it outside, 331-3 says you can use it where not exposed to physical damage. 331.4 says you can't use it in direct sunlight unless sunlight resistant schedule 80 pipe should do it. As for tapping off of the laundry circuit, as long as you're not running a giant light on it you should be fine.
I have an older version of NEC. Not sure if laundry outlet is permitted to serve other loads. :wink:

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