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jb503 05-31-2010 10:14 AM

Pushmatic breaker won't seat
I have researched this online and can't seen to find any info...the pushmatic panel I have (yes I do know all the problems with pushmatic) needs a larger 2 pole breaker for a new water heater I installed. I have plenty of replacemnet breakers so I popped out the 20 amp and tried to replace with a 30 amp but the 30 has 2 little stubs on the base of the breaker that bump in to 2 screw on offsets in the panel.
Can I remove the offsets so the breaker will seat? They are obviously there for a reason but the larger amp breakers all have these little feet that the 20 amp 2 pole and all single poles don't have....

And yes a new panel is in the future...but a foundation takes priority.
Thank you for any info

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