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crmays 02-06-2010 01:28 PM

Push Button Switch for Electric Motor
I would like to install a push button switch to a 1/2 horsepower electric motor. I assume that I can remove the plate covering the electrical leads for the power cord, drill a whole in the plate, install the switch and attach the switch wires to the leads on the motor. After having done that (assuming my plan is correct) how do I then connect the motor to the power cord? Perhaps there is a site on the internet that would show me exactly how it's done. Thank you.

Gigs 02-06-2010 05:12 PM

This falls under "If you have to ask you probably shouldn't be doing it".

What is the application here? You want a momentary push button? Switches that are rated to turn motors on and off are pretty heavy duty and probably won't fit in the box on the motor.

micromind 02-06-2010 06:29 PM

I've never done a pushbutton like this before, but I have done toggle switches.

As stated above, it's a very tight fit. If the motor has leads only (not terminals) there's about 1/16" of tolerance as to where the hole is drilled. If the motor has terminals, it very likely won't fit at all.

Wiring it is simple. The black wire from the cord goes to one of the switch terminals, the motor lead (or leads) that the black wire was connected to goes to the other terminal of the switch.

The switch needs to be SPST (single pole single throw), and rated for the HP and voltage of the motor. Screw terminals on the switch will work best, there's likely no room in the box for any other type.


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