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jacksup 07-03-2007 10:00 AM

Problem with Split Recepticle
Over the weekend I was replacing several recepticles in my living room. I replaced 5 without incident, but had some trouble replacing a split receptacle controlled by a light switch. I removed the metal top in between the brass screws and wiring exactly how I found it. There were 2 whites, 2 blacks (1 just lying there), 1 red wire, and the ground wire. When I rewired exactly how it was before, nothing worked. I tried several more times w/ different receptacles, but to no avail. I then used the other black wire and that worked but the red wire (controlled by light switch) did not work. Not only that, but two hallway light switches stopped workng!! I have no idea what went wrong. I did exactly what I was supposed to do. I've changed many recepticles in my day, and have no idea what happened.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

HouseHelper 07-03-2007 10:53 AM

I'll bet the one just lying there was originally connected via the pushin hole. Connect the two black wires together along with a black pigtail (6in piece of wire). Connect this pigtail to one brass screw of the receptacle. Connect the red wire to the other. Connect the whites to the silver screws (do not remove the tab between the silver screws). Turn the power back on and see if all works as it is supposed to.

J. V. 07-03-2007 12:12 PM

Househelper is on the money. Connect all the blacks with a pigtail. Make sure all the whites are conneted to each other and to the recept. The red should be the one on the switch.

jacksup 07-07-2007 01:37 PM

Thanks for the advice. I did what you said.... pigtailed the black wires. The hallway lights work but the top of the recepticle still does not work. I double checked everthing again and don't see any thing wrong w/ any connections, wires, etc. What could be the deal with the red wire / top recepticle connection.

Thanks again.

Stubbie 07-07-2007 02:55 PM

Put the wiring back as househelper instructed. Take a voltmeter and test between the red and ground on the receptacle with the switch in the off position. Should not be any voltage.

If no voltage then test the red wire to ground with the switch in the "on" position. You should have voltage. If you do and nothing works when plugged into the outlet then you have an issue with the white wires. Make sure the tab is not broken between the silver screws.

Post back with the results.


MechanicalDVR 07-07-2007 11:01 PM

When you put the blacks together did you add another to tie into the top of the outlet?

jacksup 07-09-2007 09:19 AM

I will try Stubbie's suggestions tonight. MechanicalDVR, I did what Househelper instructed me to do. I connected two black wires with a 6 in pigtail then connected that wire to the bottom half of the recepticle. I then connected the red wire to the top half of the recepticle. Connected both whites to the silver screw (tab not borken off in b/w silver screws) then connected the ground. Not sure what you mean by adding another black to tie into the top??? Please elaborate, I'm not the brightest when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Thanks again to all for the help.

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