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power saver 1200-plug and save

truth or scam, surely some one has tried in this forum, did it work or not?


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No idea what you're describing. Perhaps a picture or some more information is in order.


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Sounds like another one of those magic boxes that'll reduce of even eliminate your power bill.

Speaking as an electrician with nearly 20 years experience mostly commercial/industrial (sometimes HUGE industrial), I'd guess the chances of this being a scam to be.......(drum roll please).....100%!!

Of course, this device is different. I've even got proof! As soon as I plugged it in, my meter began to turn backward! The power company is now paying me!!!

Pure B.S.

The only person that ever makes money on these is the person selling it. And the person building it. But certainly not the person who was duped into buying it.

Just another scam designed to separate you from your money.

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It's a scam as far as I'm concerned. It will make some difference if you have a lot of inductive loads like motors but will have no affect on usage by resistive loads like lights, stoves, and heaters. It is little more than a bank of capacitors, capacitors do not produce electricity they only store and discharge.. It apparently has a greater affect on industrial usage that is billed differently than residential billing.
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The concept is correct but has no effect on your bill because you pay for watts, not voltamps. This device is basicaly reducing your voltamps, which helps in industrila and commercial but not in residential.
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Snake Oil!!


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