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ciera 10-28-2007 06:57 PM

Porch lights with timer or photocell?
We're going to redo the porch lights, but not sure yet exactly how.

What we have:
1 ugly wall light on a pillar at the edge of the porch
1 uglier ceiling light on the porch
A double light switch just inside the front door. One switch controls both outdoor lights, and the other is for the indoor lights.

What we want:
2 pendant lights on the porch, one in the existing location and one farther down, about 8 feet away.
No light on the pillar
Lights controlled either by a timer or a photocell (not sure if the later is possible).
If on a timer, a way to reset the timer easily.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for though. I've seen lamps with timers, but they're not in the style we want. Is there an box of some kind that we can wire in to act as a timer? What is this called? Is there a way to get a light-sensitive device?

Thanks for any help. I'm just trying to figure out what components I'll need and anything I should know before I start buying things and getting into this project.

duke2043 10-28-2007 08:17 PM

If I am reading your question correctly you can by a photcell and mount it into a seperate location.

BigJimmy 10-28-2007 08:34 PM

You are not limited to fixtures that have integrated photocontrols. You can buy photocells (light-controlled switches) or timers that can be mounted separately to control whatever lighting you have. See They offer timer units and photocontrols which can be purchased at the Home Depot (they are stocked in the Chicago, Illinois stores anyway). Depending on your particular installation, you'll probably need or want to mount these devices remotely from the fixtures which will require an electrician if you're not familiar with electrical installation, codes, etc.

Hope this helps,

duke2043 10-28-2007 08:52 PM

That Is What I Was Saying If Yo Put Photcell In Seperate Locatoin It Is Wired Just Like A Switch Just Make Sure You Take The Feed For Your Lights To The Box Where The Photocell Is Splice Neutrals Thru And Take Feed To Line Side Of Photocell And The Load Side To The Light.

47_47 10-29-2007 07:35 AM

You could actually use both. Wire your light first to a timer, next to a photocell and finally to the lamps. The advantage to this is you can preset the time lets say 4:30 PM to 10:30 PM. If it is still light outside, your lamps will not come on until dusk, but still shut off at the the time you want. Resetting in case of a power outage is just a matter of setting the time on the timer.

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