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WillK 05-10-2011 08:24 AM

Please review my new service mast
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I just wanted to see if everything looks okay on this before I get to the point I'm ready for inspection, or if there is anything I should do different. I'm still going to finish some other work (underground run to the garage)before I call in my request for inspection. I appreciate any feedback.

I also know there may be variation in local codes which some might not be familiar... I'm operating on the assumption that I want to meet or exceed my local requirements, and if there are more strict requirements elsewhere I'm interested in those as a goal (within reason).

If anybody is interested, my POCO has a service drop manual online:

So from top to bottom, here is what I have done:

I am using 2" rigid metal conduit for my mast with a metal weather head at the top and the Halex adjustable wire holder attached 12" below the weatherhead. (I believe my requirement is that it be at least 6" below, and I figure it's good to leave the extra length in case needed.)

Inside the conduit I have installed 4/0 SEU cable with the outer jacket cut away just above the end of the 2" pipe.

The pipe is a 10' pipe cut to 7'6". There is 42" of pipe above the roofline, so 30" to the cable attachment point. My POCO does not seem to adress this, but I've read that as a requirement elsewhere for the allowable height before guy wire support is needed. I'm achieving an attachment point roughly 1' higher than what I have currently.

The length from this post to the power line where it would attach is about 50', and it's about 10' shorter than what I have currently. My new placement gets it away from the driveway.

The first attachment is a pipe clamp for unistrut with the unistrut secured through aluminum siding into the ceiling joist using a SPAX outdoor lag screw (the plain hot dipped galvanized don't impress me, particularly after I broke 2 of them trying to attach my meter socket, but I'll get back to that)

The second attachment 18" below the first and 18" above the meter socket is 2 pieces of unistrut because the offset to the wall is greater. I had to notch the unistrut because the space is more like 1.5 unistrut pieces thick. With the notch, I used a 1.5" pipe clamp since the 2" pipe clamp is too loose.

This second unistrut attachment is secured to the brick using Redhead concrete wedge anchors.

The meter socket is secured to 3 pieces of unistrut, each of these pieces of unistrut attaches to the brick wall with 2 Redhead concrete wedge anchors. This is one piece across the top where the socket attaches to 2 SAE grade 8 bolts going into the unistrut channel spring nuts. The meter socket is attached similarly with 1 bolt and nut per piece of unistrut at the bottom, I needed a break in the middle for the load side run.

The load cable will be 4/0 SEU which runs into the house through the back of the meter socket inside a 5" long nipple of 2" rigid metal conduit secured to the meter socket with locknuts on both sides. The conduit is sealed to the brick with mortar from a tube, the gap from the wall due to the unistrut gives me access to seal it with tar if needed.

The meter socket is located with the center of the face at about 5' from ground, my POCO requirement is between 3'6" to 6'0".

Does everything appear to be in order?

The one thing I feel a little unsure about is the SAE grade 8 bolts, they are zinc plated not hot dip galvanized... I tried the ungraded hot dip galvanized bolts and broke them before they even tightenned.

I'm also going to point out that my POCO wants the meter socket to not be bonded to ground, and I am aware that other locallities require it to be bonded to ground, so for anybody else reading this as reference for their own project - this is a point that will depend on your POCO so be sure to check with them.

J. V. 05-10-2011 10:13 AM

I do not have the patience to read your complete post. But it looks great. Very industrial though. I would do that type of install at a factory or commercial building. On a home it may not be so attractive. But looks extremely functional.

Perry401 05-10-2011 11:25 PM

Did you get the power company to agree to the new location for your mast and socket? Most require them to approve the location. I see that the service equipment PDF you attached a link to requires this.

Saturday Cowboy 05-11-2011 12:03 AM

3' clearance to window? and we are not traveling over anything with our wire span that would require clearance? Now it needs to be painted white to match the trim:)

frenchelectrican 05-11-2011 12:28 AM

It look good but for myself with soild brick wall I will use thin strut channel and get the ridge conduit bend { offset kick } and will look sharp as well.

The meter socket height which you mention is perfect for POCO.

The three foot clearance from openable window is mantory.

With your installment like that it is done very often in commercal / industrail location but resdentail very limited unless it is involded with long span drop.


WillK 05-11-2011 07:52 AM

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Thanks for pointing those out, I have all of these coveed. There are 36" from the brick to the nearest edge of the meter socket enclosure, so I'm assuming that I'm meeting the strictest possible interpretation of 3' to a window because I would have a couple inches to spare if it means distance to the openning, and even more if i means to the center of the face.

I've put in a diagram below, not to scale, but it shows the route for the power line. The old route took the power line over the driveway, the new route will keep the line completely away from the driveway.

As far as getting approval for the location in advance... Anybody reading this as reference for their own project, don't read this and assume your POCO will be as lax on the requirement as mine, but I did call the POCO last fall and they didn't want any sort of review, they just said that if I already have overhead service going to the back of the lot and I'm still doing the same and meeting the height clearance requirements, that's all that matters and no review is necessary.

Saturday Cowboy 05-11-2011 05:49 PM

Good job and it looks good too.

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