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Please help me troubleshoot my fan

Please see pics below. I am trying to install a timer for my fan. However, the current hookup (before even installing the new fan) is causing the fan to run non stop. Even in the picture below where nothing is hooked up (besides the ground of the new timer), the fan is running. Im'

I need help with connecting the new fan so that it actually turns on and off based on the timer.

How do I hook this dang thing up?!!

Thanks for your help in advance!


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Was there a switch in there before?


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Yes, but it didnt work (the fan was always on). In other words, the fan has been running non-stop since I've moved into the place a year ago...only turning off when i tripped the breaker.
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Problem is most likely the connections at the fan.
Open the fan and let us know what is connected or not connected up there.
It looks like there is a red wire in that box and it was connected to the switch. I suspect you will find a red wire in the fan box that is not connected or is connected the light on the fan.
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Before I go up in the ceiling, is there something I can check in the box shown above? or do you think everything is hooked up fine there?
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It could be that someone spliced the switch leg to a constant hot. Turn off breaker, disconnect the red wires that are twisted together. Turn the circuit back on. Does the fan still run? Yes, breaker off. Twist the reds back together and tuck them back in the box. No, use a meter to determine which red is the hot (remove the wire nut on the neutral and check between there and each of the reds). The other is the switch for the fan. You could then use those two leads to install your fan control. Remove the black wire coming off the wire nut. Re-cap and install the control. If separating the reds had no effect, breaker off. Separate the black wires. Breaker on. Fan still running? Yes, problem is most likely in the fan box. No? One of those black wires feeds the fan. Find out which is the feed into the box. Mark that with a small piece of tape. Breaker off. Take one of the remaining black wires and connect it to the hot wire. (at this point, you don't need to twist them together. Wire nut them together securely.) Breaker on. Fan on? Yes, breaker back off. Twist the wire from the fan control to the switch leg. Twist the remaining black wires and the power in for the fan control back together. Breaker on to verify your wiring job. Fan off? Repeat the above until you find the switch leg. Then install the control.
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They have spliced the hot line to the fan
To the wrong side of the switch loop.


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