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Planning for future when wiring

The sub panel is in and I'm feeding the detached garage with 100a 220v main, 20 position panel.

background: The garage is 36x36, two large bays. I was originally going to build a 2x6 wall down the middle dividing the bays for heating and use purposes as well as supporting the attic trusses. I changed gears mid-build and put up a double lvl with two lollies to keep the options open.

Anyway, I would like to do all my wiring this summer so I can get it insulated and use it next winter. I was thinking that to have my flexibility remain in the center... I could run power to some juntion boxes mounted on the lvl and just wire nut it. Later if I wish to build a wall here I can power the center wall receptacles (both sides) from these junction boxes.

I do car restorations as well as wood working so I need a lot of flexibility in the shop. Here's the circuitry plan so far:

double 30 compressor
double 40 welder
20 furnace
20 switched recepticle for audio system
20 west bay dedicated GFI recepticle
20 east bay dedicated GFI recepticle
20 west bay GFI recepticles
20 east bay GFI recepticles
20 west bay lights
20 east bay lights
20 exterior lights
20 exterior GFI recepticles
20 attic lights and recepticles
20 overhead door openers
20 future center wall power

3 positions left in panel

overkill in spots but I dont like my lights to go out when the joiner trips the gfi.

Planning for three way switches to control the lights of each bay from a future center wall might be a little more work.

any neat ideas or suggestions electrically? Suggestions for lights? The old porcelain sockets are cheap and they work but... flouresents are ok but when you walk into a cold shop they dont work. I'd like to keep the options open when planning the light layout too. An inexpensive start would be good... if I can upgrade later. What's the most efficient exterior light to mount up high and really light the driveway?

thanks for any ideas!


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First, How high is the interior ceiling? On the outside you can install HID lighting. What is called a wallpack unit is great. They come in high-pressure sodium which is a golden light and in metal halide which is a white light. Depending on how much area you are trying to light determines the wattage. These units come in wattages from 70 to 1000 or more watts. Typically a 250 watt unit will provide enough light.


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interior ceiling is 9'4" ish (floor is pitched)

outside I'd like to light say 40x40 area and have enough light to shoot a few hoops on the cement court I poured about 60-80 feet away... just incase a "game" goes late. although I'll eventually add a pole light there.

The 2 exterior lights will be above the overhead doors at a height of approximately 14 feet. I will probably also have some exterior decorative sconces on either side of the doors (4 at 7') for normal lighting when I dont need to work outside and spin the meter wild for nothing.

I tried to post my first picture but I dont have time to link one right now, and the attachments are too small.

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