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mark_anderson_u 12-27-2010 09:14 AM

Physical Cabling of LV undercabinet Lights (NEC)
Hi All

Here in Chicago, we nned to run everythin in rigid conduit (getting pretty good with my pipe bender now :)). But I'm puzzled about how to terminate my low voltage (LED) under cabinet lights.

From i've run conduit close to where the bottom of the cabinets will be, but not sure what to do regards termination. I can't put a box in the wall (as it will be inaccessible when cabinets are up--unless I cut a big hole in each set of wall cabinets). I read somewhere that LV is less restricitve than 110v, but couldn't find section in NEC book about LV (seemed to refer back to normal rules and regs).

I've got drywallers coming in a few weeks, so need to nail this.

Here's where I'm at so far
  1. Have conduit just for LV circuits
  2. Currently runs (via switch) to approx location of bottom of wall cabinets (within 1/2 inch - final height TDB when I find high point of floor: 1912 house :eek:).
  3. Thinking of just going from rigid to FMC (no splice) with 14-ga and through back of cabinet under bottom shelf.
  4. Terminate directly on lights (transformer will be near panel)
Can anyone give me any suggestions or point me to appropriate parts of NEC?

For example is a 1900 box that is flush with front of drywall, but behind a wall cabinet considered "buried" or inaccessible?



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