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cmgith 06-02-2006 08:04 PM

Phone/Fax Wall Jack
Hello Folks:
I'm installing a multifunction printer/fax/etc and the instructions are very specific about the telephone line and wall jack; it says "Order an RJ11-C modular wall jack (USOC code), which should be installed by the telephone company. If the RJ11-C modular wall jack is not present, telephone/fax operation is not possible."

It comes with a telephone line that's too short to reach the jack. I have a long telephone line that I use to connect the Dish TV receiver to an ordinary telephone wall jack, the same kind of line that connects my telephone to another wall jack, and I was going to use that until i read the warning above. Looking at Information and images on line of different wall jacks didn't answer my question, which is: Is the printer going to explode and blast the roof off my house if I use my ordinary telephone line and ordinary 21st century wall jack? And stop laughing.

MAS2006 06-02-2006 10:55 PM

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The RJ11 c modular jack is a four conductor, standard for most home applications. Any purchased cable should be fine. The note refers to services than still have older style plugs, I just replaced one with a duplex modular for a bedroom extention. :rolleyes:

Sparky Joe 06-03-2006 02:50 AM

I think you're reading too much into all of it.

First thing when installing something new; throw out the instructions, right? j/k

Just plug it into what you have, and see if it works, if it doesn't it's probably a user error, but I promise nothing will be broken.

Speedy Petey 06-03-2006 07:36 AM


Originally Posted by cmgith
"Order an RJ11-C modular wall jack (USOC code), which should be installed by the telephone company. If the RJ11-C modular wall jack is not present, telephone/fax operation is not possible."

Are they for real? They are under the impression that you still have 4-pin jacks in your house!
How old are these instructions? 99.99% of homes have RJ-11 jacks by now. And the phone company does very little install work these days.

Like the others said. Just plug it in.

justtired 06-18-2006 02:54 AM

dude, it won't explode. if it works for you reciever it would work fine. unless your house is new, they might have rj-45 jack for both phone and data. i don't know about your phone company, in my area, phone jack don't need to be installed by the phone company. from the telephone pole connection to your house is there problem. the rest of the house phone line is your problem. they will charge you to put in a new jack, which you wouldn't like. telephone extension cord should work if the cord is too. never plug the phone line into a router or other internet stuff except the modem, i had to call the company because someone hook up the phone line to the ethernet switch and there is no tone. so don't worry.

jogan 04-18-2009 11:21 PM

I am a new member and have a problem hooking up a telephone jack that is located in a ground floor master bedroom of a 2 story house. The house was build some 40 years and at some point prior to my purchase had mirrors put on the wall where the phone jack was located. The phone jack had a 4 wire extension wire that came out the bottom trim where there was an old style 4 prong connection. The mirrors were taken down and the 4 wire (red, green, yellow, black) wire was cut where it went into the wall and also disconnected at the jack. I looked for some time to find a more current plug in wall jack and finally located one with place for 6 connections. I checked a similar jack upstairs with 4 connections for the color wire etc. The upstairs jack had 2 green/white wires connected to the red wire on the jack and 2 green/green wires connection to the gree wire on the jack. At the new phone jack loction in the downstairs bedroom there is only one green/ white wire and one green/green wire. Hooking these up to the red and green wire on the jack resulted in no dial tone. Taking the new jack upstairs and attaching both sets of green/white and green/green resulted in a dial tone so the new jack is fine. My question is should there be another green/white and green/green in the wall. I have looked with a strong light but there is only the 4 wire (red, green, black & yellow) that has been disconnected and runs to the bottom trim of the wall. There does not appear to be any addition wire that I can locate that has the 2nd green/white and green/green wires. I would appreciate any suggestions

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