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haffey 08-22-2008 04:19 PM

Phone and Ethernet Using CAT5e
I am trying to connect a router in an upstairs room to a downstairs room via CAT5e that is wired through the walls of the entire house. This CAT5e is currently being used by the phone jack - 4 wires are used, 4 are unused (see attached Picture #1).

The 4 wires used for the telephone system are connected with all the same colored wires in the basement. The other remaining 4 wires are not connected to each other downstairs (see attached Picture #2).

Is it possible to use the other 4 (unused) lines for an Ethernet connection? If so, will it create interference in using the same wires for the telephone as the ethernet? If not, what suggestion do you have as an alternate solution?

Is this something that I could do myself or do I have to hire an electrician to do it?

Thanks for any suggestion/advice.

Git 08-22-2008 06:24 PM

Here is my limited knowledge on the subject. An actual Ethernet connection only takes four wires - which is usually the orange and green pairs. The blue pair is traditionally used for telephone. HomeDepot sells some Cat5/6 terminators that are made by Leviton and look like this and are very easy to wire.

The thing to remember about ethernet cable is the twists in the cable are very important. You want to keep the wire twisted and shielded up until the very end where it goes into the terminal.

Those Leviton terminals are modular and designed to plug into wall plates. So you could get a wall plate with two holes in it - one for your Ethernet and one for your phone. Buy four of the terminals. Skin your wire back far enough so that you can wire up the orange and green pair for the ethernet connection first and have enough slack to run the blue wires phone lines to the second terminal.

OK - I found a website that show you how to do it

n0c7 08-25-2008 10:54 PM

I'm glad to see that those bundles are for phone only because I've never seen anyone use electrical wire nuts for network cable. Don't do that if you're running network through it, the tolerances need to be minimal with proper connections to ensure best connectivity. For POTS telephone people don't care too much, but there are much cleaner alternatives.

Colors do not matter as they are all the same AWG wire inside. There are two typical "standards" 568-A & 568-B, used in 4 pair wiring for networks but you only need 2 pairs(4 wires) for data communication. It will work,
but you will have to carefully insert the single wires into the right pins. I believe pins 4,5,7,8 are the wasted ones. Just match the pins and colors the same on both sides. Here is a good reference site I found for you:

Happy cabling!

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