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theatretch85 09-19-2009 01:24 PM

Passing wire to another panel
I have 2 150amp panels tied together with a 2" PVC nipple (less than 3" long). The first panel is the main panel, and the second is a sub panel with a 100 amp 2 pole breaker in the main panel. I have fed the sub panel with #2 copper for the 2 hots and the neutral, and a #6 for the ground bus bar in the sub panel. All these wires pass between the two panels via the 2" PVC nipple.

Can I use the remaining space in the 2" conduit to pass circuit conductors through from the main panel into the subpanel to move some circuits into the sub panel? This would be rather than re-routing the wire on the outside of the panel over to the sub panel, covering up the open holes on the main panel, re-stapling the wire, etc. I'd only be looking to move a couple circuits, maybe 3 or 4 total.

Mainly I need to create a little space to connect another subpanel off the main panel to feed the attached garage at some point, and to connect some additional circuits for my server room. I can physically move the cables coming into the top of the panel over to the sub panel, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it.

kbsparky 09-19-2009 03:46 PM

I would, no problem. :yes:

AllanJ 09-20-2009 07:13 AM

It would be a good idea to label the branch circuit neutrals going through the nipple into the subpanel (but not with colored bands of tape). Otherwise you won't be able to match them up with the hots without tracing back through the main panel to the respective cables.

J. V. 09-20-2009 10:31 AM

I would too. It's legal.

theatretch85 09-20-2009 12:39 PM

Do the neutrals for these circuits have to pass onto to the sub panel? (I think they have to) If not this makes it a lot easier since most of the neutrals would be too short to move over with out extending them (which I know you can do inside the panel). I think I'll be able to make most of the hot wires reach with out having to extend them, I can probably just move a couple circuits from the bottom of the main panel to the top of the new panel.

How many circuits (mostly looking at 20 amp circuits) can I legally pass through this 2" conduit with the 3x 2 gauge and 1x 6 gauge wires feeding the new panel? Like I said in my earlier post, I probably only need to move about 3 or 4 circuits, but in the event I need to move more later it'd be nice to know what my limit is.

frenchelectrican 09-20-2009 11:09 PM

Basically with that short peice of pipe you are describing there is no limit due you are way under the 24 inch limit but if you have any branch circuit that will go from the main box to subpanel for some reason make sure you mark it so you can able troubeshoot it later.


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