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JRobert 01-23-2012 12:55 PM

Outlets quit working
Half my Electrical outlets and lights stopped working all of a sudden and a couple will sometimes come on randomly? I replaced the circuit breakers that provide power to the lights but that didn't change anything.
I have a dimmer on the dining room light (which it and the florescent kitchen overhead light are the ones that will come on suddenly and then go out). I turned on the porch light and when the dining room light WAS on, it noticeably dimmed. Is this weird or what? I can't figure it out.
I have tried to test this switch with a circuit tester but the wires go into the case and none are exposed to touch with the probes. Could this dimmer stop everything else? If not what could be my problem.... help!!!! :(

gregzoll 01-23-2012 02:00 PM

Lose connection somewhere.

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