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vash1012 07-16-2012 10:52 PM

Outlet wires in 1940's home are not color coded help.
So I am trying to install a GFCI outlet in where a 2 prong outlet was in the house I just bought. I made the mistake of not noting where the wires were previously installed before I took the wires off the old outlet as I soon found out all the wires are black. There are 2 pairs of wires. I have determined which wire is hot and have connected that to the brass "line" screw. I connected the other wire in that pair to the silver "line" screw. What I need to know is for the wires that should connect to the "load" terminals, is there a way I can tell which wire should go where or does it not matter for the "load" terminal? None of them of course have power. If there is no way of telling them apart, then is there a danger in just guessing and seeing if it works or will the outlet just not work if the wires attached to the load terminal are mismatched?

Thanks in advance, I have been having so much trouble answering this question. :yes:

andrew79 07-16-2012 11:14 PM

You would need to go to the next device downstream amd test with power off and a continuity tester which one is hot and which one is neutral.

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