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syren 04-19-2010 11:51 AM

Outlet not working, reading "open ground"
Bought the house a few month ago, there was a TWO prong outlet over the mantle that I want to plug my TV into but it didn't work. I didn't put a tester on it until after I tried replaced it but I used a working lamp and it didn't work.

I bought a surge supression outlet ($20 a homedepot). I have a metal box and the ground is coming from to the wall somplace and screw down into the box. I bought a ground wire with a nut and connector on it, unscrewed the box ground, used a wire nut and put hte new ground wire and new ground together, then put the connector under the nut on the box, and another connector under the nut on the box and went to my outlet.

I tested it and its saying I have an open ground. What things should I look it, I have a multimeter, what should I do with it to further test?

I have an outlet in a different room on the SAME wall that I knew didn't have one plug working so I tested it, open ground as well. The bottom plug works, the top doesn't on that outlet. It's seems possible that they could have tried to come off of that outlet, if they spliced from that top plug on this outlet, and the outlet is bad, could it be not working because its just a bad outlet?

Scuba_Dave 04-19-2010 12:02 PM

Is there a 2 wire feed w/ground to the box(es) or metal conduit ?
If not you do not have a ground

Is the metal tab broken off of the outlet that is not working ?
That would indicate a possible switched outlet

syren 04-19-2010 12:08 PM

Scuba, I'm working from memory right now but the ground was in a casing with another wire (maybe the black one?) and it was bare copper and it was originally going to the metal wall box and was tied around a nut and screwed down. I remoted it, stripped part of a new ground wire that had a little connector on the other end using a wire nut I joined them together. Then I had another ground with a y type connector, put them both under the ground screw on the wall box, one went to the ground screw on the outlet.

AllanJ 04-19-2010 04:20 PM

An older home with conduit or metal sheathed cable with just hot and neutral conductors may or may not have a good ground via the metal outlet boxes and conduits.

These metal parts are held together with screws and could be oxidized at one or more connection points.

If you have an open ground problem with a third, bare, conductor in the cable, you will need to trace back through the daisy chain of outlets and switches to be sure there is a good ground going all the way back to the panel.

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