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Madnpc 12-06-2007 08:50 PM

Outlet not working?
I have a double electrical outlet in my master bath that does not work. I replaced the outlet with another of the same type. The wiring is 2 black and 2 white with 1 ground to the outlet. While positioning the ground wire to push the outlet back into the wall I accidently touched the ground wire and the screw to one of the white wires and the test light I had plugged in came on. However, when I plug in the light to the outlet under normal use and switch it on, it doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated.:huh:

GREGNC 12-06-2007 09:11 PM

is this a gfi receptacle??

HouseHelper 12-06-2007 09:34 PM

You have a loose connection in the neutral wire somewhere upstream of this receptacle. The ground touching the silver screw completed the circuit for you. Look at the first working receptacle on this circuit.

wiredog 12-07-2007 05:51 PM

hard to say
the above post is good advice but i would check the wiring of the rec. white on the sivler screws and black on the gold. if the wires are on the right screws than switch them sides i.e. top wires to the bottom and vice versa and also make sure if it romex that the the white and black wires come from the same peice of romex. if this is confusing in any way please feel free to leat me know for clarification.gfci rec. are tricky if you are not experienced. btw i am an electrician so i have knowledge in the feild ;>)

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