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Originally Posted by rrolleston View Post
Bad connections don't usually cause breakers to trip. It's shorts or overloads that cause breaker trips.

Would an Arc Fault breaker have tripped in this case?


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Just a quick question for the original poster, Do you have contents (tenants) insurance?

A DIY Noob that knows just enough to be dangerous.

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Originally Posted by sixspeed View Post
Would an Arc Fault breaker have tripped in this case?
If the loose connection is of a nature where sparks are occurring then an arc fault circuit interrupter will trip.
The good conscientious technician or serviceperson will carry extra oils and lubricants in case the new pump did not come with oil or the oil was accidentally spilled, so the service call can be completed without an extra visit.
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Been some post talking about the landlord doing the work vs electrician. In my area if you dont own the property and live there you cant do the work. Bigger problem is insurance. Lately my insurance doesnt care if any work done is permitted. They only care that a licensed professional does the work or they wont cover damages possibly. Their thought is if it fails they will pay then go after the contractor who did the work.
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Originally Posted by crescere View Post
You are equating a medical procedure to installing an outlet or switch? Really?
I think the comparison is valid. How many people have died from Chiropractic adjustments? How many have died from fires and electrocutions caused by unlicensed work?

BTW, the medical community is fighting the same fight as the trades; the watering down of qualifications. Chiropractor is a great example of inventing a new degree to avoid going to medical school to practice medicine. Now even the chiropractors are getting watered down. Now Physical Therapists and even Massage Therapists are doing "adjustments", they just don't call it that.

So if you want to believe that a handyman can do it just as well as a licensed professional, keep living in fantasy land. I have the photos of the fires to prove otherwise. Just remember that ANY work done on a circuit of 120V or higher has the potential to cause electrocution or burn the structure to the ground. There is NO "simple" electrical job.

One man's opinion.

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Originally Posted by busman View Post
I think the comparison is valid. How many people have died from Chiropractic adjustments? How many have died from fires and electrocutions caused by unlicensed work?
It's not even so much a matter of licensed v/s unlicensed, I've seen some really crappy workmanship done by contractors and licensed "pros", the quality of the work is more often than not dictated by how much the job pays.
It's more a case of someone with common sense and skills, and a moron who does stupid things like reverse polarity and create a dangerous condition there, using scotch tape to cover bare damaged wiring etc.

I saw an air compressor for sale at a garage sale a few years back, the idiot had wrapped the entire power cord it's full length with electrical tape rather than replacing the old damaged cord! It was scary even looking at it.
The licensed electrician who wired up the new building added to my workplace was in the basement working on the new incoming power line, and we heard a big bang in the alley, one of the cans on the pole leading to the building blew up and we lost one of the 3 phases coming in.
He wouldn't say what happened down there in the basement but he was clearly a bit shaken!

Since I am the guy who does most of the machinery and systems maintenace, I remember a few years back the time I was using one of the big machines, I reached over to adjust the incandescent single bulb gooseneck style lamp and when I moved the metal shade it blew up with sparks all over, turned out some idiot at some point, some "handyman" type had the lamp wired up to a household type lamp cord with one of the simple two prong plugs- you could plug it into the receptacle either way because it was not polarized.

This time the lamp was plugged in so the outside of the socket was hot that the bulb screws into, my moving the metal shade was just enough for the collar of the shade to just touch the top edge of the bulb's metal.
Fortunately I did not have my hands on the steel bed of the machine, the only reason I did not was because I am especially cautious about touching metal or anything that might be a ground while touching anything electrical- doesn't matter to me if it's an appliance, light, light switch etc.

I immediately took the stupid lamp apart and rewired it with a normal 3 conductor cable and a polarized, grounded plug. They had two of these things wired up with the two prong lamp cord garbage and I changed out both.
Those were a fatality waiting to happen,and that's an example of a moron doing stupid things like wiring a metal lamp with a non polarized plug.


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