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Outlet dead breaker not thrown?

Hi All,

Please pardon my newness at this, I expect I will be describing some things wrong.

Christmas Eve my wife was not delighted to find out that the microwave was not working and I was all ready to head out and purchase a new one only to discover it was not the microwave, it was the outlet. The stove fan was also not working so I checked the breakers. No breakers were thrown.

There had been some electrical smells in the kitchen that I could not diagnose for the 2-3 days before hand so I'm fearful of some major fire-potential in-wall electrical problems in process.

Other power problems that might be oddly related, or perhaps unrelated, are that 6 weeks previously the counter-top toaster-oven oven portion stopped working (I don't see how this relates.) 2 weeks previously an even older microwave died when plugged into the now-dead outlet.

I've moved the microwave so Christmas Eve and Day can continue without much hiccuping and the outlet it's now plugged into has a device that turns one outlet into 6 with it's own breaker. That breaker blows whenever the microwave is run for more than 5 minutes.

And the oddest problem of all, the toaster-oven turned itself on. (I'm guessing it's not related, but am checking with local religious leaders to remove the bad spirits.)

Your thoughts about any or all of these issues are much appreciated,
Dale E. Moore


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Hi Dale

You soul of located the smell or if you couldn't you should of already got a electrician in to try and do so! As for your current breaker overloading with 1 to 6 adapter and a microwave. It sound like it doing what it is suppose to! you are just overloading it. Keep the toaster oven unplugged and away from other appliances it may have a influence on (just kidding). It sounds like you have a arced or burned wire or connection in a wall. Not knowing if your electrical is even in conduit or similar this can be a major safety issue. If you are unfamiliar with home wiring contact a electrician sooner then latter, and make sure you have new battery's in your smoke alarms!!


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