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kuwagner 07-30-2005 10:30 PM

Outlet covered by stucco
I believe I have an outlet that was covered by stucco when the house was built. It is on the back porch (outside GFI). I have tried to see if there was a bulge in the wall but there isnt which make me believe the box is filled with mortar so no bulge will exist. How can I find this roughed in outlet? I know the general area but would only be guessing if I measured and approximated (based on the location of the other outlet on the back porch). How do I find it - if it even exists????


Sportbilly 07-31-2005 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by kuwagner
How do I find it - if it even exists????

When we as electricians lost floor boxes in poured concrete floors, we used to find them with a hammer. It's not as bad as it sounds, the hammer when tapped gently enough so as not to damage the surface can often pinpoint the location of the hidden box by sound.

Then once you think you have the location pinpointed, it's a leap of faith to start pounding to either unearth the opening, or to make a hole that needs patching. In your case, if it's a box filled with stucco mix, I'd imagine it would sound more solid than the surrounding wall, construction guys, am I right?

Teetorbilt 08-01-2005 09:31 AM

Normally, the exterior box will be very close to an interior box, so this should give you a clue as to where to start looking. The hammer tap will work unless the box is completely full, then it will sound just like the rest of the wall. Many new stud detectors will also locate power inside the wall, might be worth a try.

jbfan 08-01-2005 05:50 PM

I would think it would be within several feet of the back door. Like teetor said, some stud finders can detect electrical also. The problem I have with them is you have to flat on the wall. What I do is take a peice of cardboard and use that as my wall surface.I doubt that the recepiticale is installed, but the wires are all that is in the box.

Speedy Petey 08-03-2005 09:55 PM

I know this isn't what you want to hear, but this is a brand new house??? Get the GC back to do this!!!

Who covered the box?
Who didn't notice there was no receptacle where one was roughed?

I know mistakes happen, believe me, but this is NOT your mistake to fix.

You have a warrantee with a new home. Use it.

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