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DIY_JC 09-24-2009 10:54 AM

Outdoor lights (Soffit etc)
I am looking to install some outdoor motion sensor lights (for security) and some soffit lights (for accent) and eventually some web cameras (also for security). While I would like to have these on new circuits (one or more), the builder chose the worst possible place to put the panel imo... in the finished portion of the basement. Therefore, I would like to see if I can utilize any of the existing circuits of which I have easy access too.
In tracing the lines, it occurs to me that the current outdoor lights are on four different circuits, of which only the basement light appears to be GFI protected. The outdoor receptacles are protected by a GFI receptacle in the garage, but I cannot find any gfi for the lights outside the garage, for the front porch lights or for the upstairs deck light. While the porch lights are under a covered roof I would still think this constitutes a damp location... while I would consider all the others a wet location.
What are the typical rules (understanding they vary by location) for outdoor lighting? Are lights treated differently than receptacles as far as GFI is concerned? This is new construction, so I would presume everything was installed per code for my location.

220/221 09-24-2009 11:28 PM


Are lights treated differently than receptacles as far as GFI is concerned?
GFCI not required on lights.....unless its a pool light :laughing:

The GFCI protection is for you when you are perhaps using a power tool.

vsheetz 09-25-2009 11:45 AM

I installed low voltage halogen soffit lights ( on our patio walkway - came out pretty nice, IMHO. I ran a new circuit for the transformer that powers them and other 115v lights on the patio - no GFCI.

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