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cramar 05-18-2011 04:12 PM

Ontario Canada Pool Pump Wiring
Getting ready to put up my 20' above ground pool and here's what I was thinking for the pump feed:
- 20 amp breaker in main box
- 12/2 uf along overhead interior joists until I reach exterior wall (+- 15' run) where previous owner had air conditioner feed drilled thru cement, it's very well patched but I'll open up enough to get the 12/2 cable thru
- once outside there is a sun room and deck, staple the cable to the joists of that for about 20' (cable stays elevated +- 4' entire time)
- terminate at covered GFCI box
- 115 volt, 12amp, 1 HP pump would connect to that leaving a distance of 5' to the pool

Sound good?
I know in the US the uf cable is not allowed (not sure if that is federal or state though) but I suspect it may be here in Ontario.

Also, the pool pump came with 15 amp plug already wired, under this scenario does this still need to be bonded to the pool?

NJMarine 05-18-2011 04:58 PM

In the US uf wire can be used under certain circumstances for above ground pools.

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