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one switch for 3 lights

Does the switch have to be first in line or can it be between the lights as long as the circuit runs in order.


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The switch makes/breaks the hot connection, so it has to be first. A light with a hot and neutral connection is on all the time. A switch after that connection does nothing to the the light.


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If you use three wire cable in the right places you can have the switch at any light and the power at any light.
If the switch and power go to the same light then you don't need three wire cable.
If the power goes to the switch then you don't need three wire cable.
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bring the switch up to the 3 lights tie alll the neutrals to the feed white then connect the black hot to the switch then out of the switch to the 3 blacks of the lights so you total 4 wires into one wire nut..the switch should break the hot feed so when your working on them
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If power does not go first to the switch then new (2011) rules, and also any power extension beyond the switch, require 3 wire cable down to the switch.

In addition 3 wire cable would be needed between the light where the power comes in and the light where the switch cable goes out of, if not the same. Two wire cable can be used in other places. Here the lights can be in any order.

The switched power has to be able to get from the switch to each light. Excluding the power feed, connect all the black wires together.

Each light must be connected to neutral. Connect all the white wires together. (If you would use up the last wire coming up from the switch here, omit this wire from this step.)

The raw (unswitched) power has to eventually get to the switch. The 3 wire cable may be needed as described above in order to complete this step.
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