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oppland 06-19-2006 05:49 AM

Older 1970s dwelling with dangerous aluminum wiring.
Hello, I currently live in a mobile home (my grandmother's) which supposedly was manufactured in the 70s and has #12 AWG aluminum conductors for the branch circuits. I had an incident about 3 months ago where one of the receptacles which my computer was on began to spark and was throwing flames out of like a barBQ. I called the fire department immediately. No fire resulted but the fireman said the trailer seemed to be wired with old aluminum wiring and the wiring was so brittle it crumbled in his hands. Since then I have been a bit worried and have been inspecting all the wires and noticed alot of brittle wiring, nothing fully exposed but old and brittle at any rate. Basically it's a damn fire trap. My problem is that I'm on a very limited income. I have to live here regardless becuase I have no other options (maybe a freeway underpass). I would like to fix this POS trailer by retrofitting it with up to code copper wiring but I simply cannot afford to rewire the entire thing. I do however, need to have atleast one safe dependable outlet I can use for my computer. I was wondering wether it would be cost effective for me to have an electrician come out and inspect things and give me a quote without costing me a fortune. I have about $300, three-fifty tops!! which I can spend to have it replaced. I'm not an electrician (obviously!) I figure that I need a dedicated/seperate circuit all by itself just for the PC becuase it is a power hungry ***************. I'm probably pulling atleast 600W of power from the receptacle w/ my (AMD 64 3200+, 10,00RPM HDD, 2GB RAM, 7800GT GPU) Most importantly, what do you think, ballpark figure--how much it would cost to install just one new up-to-code copper circuit for the computer? everything else doesn't matter. I'm willing to burn up and parish in this white trash mobile as long as my computer has a safe receptacle to draw from. Thanks for any help you migth offer.

Sparky Joe 06-19-2006 07:57 PM

For the price of your computer you could re-wire the whole damn thing.

But I think your budget is within reason to add one dedicated outlet for your Cadillac of computers.

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