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RMCNABB 06-11-2011 01:13 PM

Old Weather Head support connection problem

My current weather head was installed way before my wife and I bought the house. The support cable for the electrical lines coming from the utility pole and then screwed into the house via a ceramic screw thingy, ha, not up to par on the electrical words, anyway, this ceramic screw came out of the wood and was hanging about 3 feet away from the house/weather head. The only thing holding the weather head to the house was a small metal clamp.

I got quotes from two different electricians to repair this. The most expensive was to have the electrical company throw their switch, then he would install a metal or plastic conduit then make it up to code.

The second was cheaper and he just said that he would bring it up to code thru its existing status, went this route. The first elect. said that he would run supports from inside the attic to the outside for a stronger weather head hold. I mentioned this to the second elect. and he said well, we will see what we can do for you. It is a friday, I'm working and they are headed out to repair it. I told him he can wait until monday that way I will be home and they will have access to the attic to run strong support. He said they would take care of it and let me know if they needed access to it.

After work, went home and saw where the only thing they did was screw the ceramic piece back into the cracked board where it was located but about 2 inches above the crack. We plan on fixing this board but the safety outweighed the board and I was told about the stronger support thru the attic then I requested this from the second elect and they didn't do this, he just screwed it back into the cracked board, thats it, this cost $260.

I called the second electrician and he said he didn't go out there, it was one of his workers and he hadn't seen the repair yet. Sarcastically, he asked me, "What did he do?". I told him and he immediately said, we thought you fixed the cracked board, we thought you were ready for the connection. I never mentioned to him that I would fix the board first, we talked about going thru the attic with the extra support, not screw it into a piece of cracked wood with now I will have to pay some one else to remove the ceramic so I can replace the board.

He was real rude with me so I told him for being a professional elect., I find it hard to explain how you would make an electrical support connection into a piece of cracked wood and then charge $260 for it. I don't have a problem paying him, I just want this done right. In the beginning I mentioned the support thru the attic and he kind of pranced around this not saying any thing different. After its all done, he said that the attic brace is not normal and he has never done this this way. Why agree to do this for me if you are not going to attempt to secure it thru the attic? Why screw it into a cracked board? Why not call me and say, hey, we can't do this until you fix the cracked board..........I'm fuming right now.

Any comments, good or bad will be welcomed.

Thank you,


tyuiop 06-12-2011 08:39 AM

you picked your options. call the other guy and have them do it right. tyuiop:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

RMCNABB 06-17-2011 04:27 AM

Problem fixed
The electrician and I had a little pow wow talk about his helper that did the 5 minutes of work with the service wire/house knob screwed into a cracked board.

The end results will be when I have the funds available for another person to change out the cracked board, the electrician will temporary disconnect the house knob then the board will be fixed then the electrician will replace the house knob. :thumbsup:

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