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Shamus 08-09-2008 02:02 PM

Old Electric ceiling fixture ?
Many years ago on old light fixtures they would put a drop of what looks like ceramic on the top of the screw connector inside the socket. Looks like and broke off like red ceramic coating anyway.
I'm assuming it was put there to remove the possibility of arcing or to keep the metal wiring connector from moving and possibly touching another connector.
I did verify that other fixtures have this same reddish glob.

My problem is in my exhuberance to clean and re-wire this fixture I scraped off that coating. Is there a product I can dab on, that will accomplish the same thing? The integrity of the fixture save for old cloth covered wire is excllent, but I'm leary of what I might have done, electrically speaking.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Mike Swearingen 08-09-2008 10:05 PM

I am NOT a pro electrician, just a long-time DIYer, and I'm only answering your basic question.
Possibly you could use liquid black "electrical tape" to dab on it. It can solidify to a blob.
You really need to replace all wiring that old. You're just asking for a house fire with that stuff. Have a pro electrician check it out for you.
Good Luck!

Shamus 08-10-2008 06:00 AM

Thanks for the reply Mike.

I took another look at the socket with a magnifying glass. It does look like the blob I knocked off the top was put there to keep the metal socket that the bulb screws into connected to the white ceramic housing. This might help some.

At this point nothing is loose. maybe some epoxy will keep it that way. Note: The main reason I took this apart was to replace the wiring.

TazinCR 08-10-2008 06:38 AM

High temp RTV (red) might work for you. Available at all auto stores and it is dielectric.

Shamus 08-10-2008 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by TazinCR (Post 147428)
High temp RTV (red) might work for you. Available at all auto stores and it is dielectric.

That's the ticket! Meets all the requirements I was looking for.

Thank You!

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