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Are old 2 prong sockets safe for modern electrical appliances?

Surge protectors will actually protect your equipment, if they have at least L-N (line-neutral). The gfci is good on an ungrounded outlet, but you still won't have a ground of course, they just make it safer. What type of walls do you have, you might be able to fish a line to your equiptment.


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Are old 2 prong sockets safe for modern electrical appliances?

Originally Posted by ScottR View Post
Last message crossed with InPhase's..

PVC pipe for DWV got the same rap when it came out as a replacement for cast iron, but you'll almost never see a house plumbed in 100% cast (unless local code requires).. like you said, cheap and legal [and it works]!

But I'm thinking maybe I'll knob & tube my new house..

(I'm absolutely j/k here, not flaming. Conversely to what I said, a lot of plumbers adopted polybutylene for water supply and probably had these same arguments.. then millions of homes needed their entire supply-side plumbing replaced).
Hey Scott, since we were getting off topic here, I dropped you a note through the private message function, but then realized you don't have 20 posts yet, and I am not sure if you are able to get the message. Hopefully the system will allow you to reply to a message if you choose. Just didn't want you to think I was ignoring you.

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Are old 2 prong sockets safe for modern electrical appliances?


Sent you a priv reply yesterday.. It let me send, but not sure if it got to you if that 20 post limit comes into play..


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