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OK to strip UF cable for THWN conductors?

Is NEC 2008 - 340.10 (2), saying I can strip UF cable to use the conductors as THWN and run in conduit outdoors?

While I'm at it is this OK: Can I run UF cable from a J Box, through a sill into a JB and from that point, strip the sheathing and run the conductors up the pipe into weather tight equipment?

Thank you


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wire that is not labeled,as in ledgeable print on insl cannot be used.most uf,romex is not marked.can't strip.


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UF itself can be ran in conduit, inside or out. Romex can be run in conduit but ONLY inside.
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If you did strip the NM cable complety and run them in the conduit and the conductors are not marked then I will not use them in that fashon at all due some inspectors can get ya on that.

So therefore if you really want to run indivual conductors get them have marking on them that is the safest way in case the inspectors look at it with fine tooth comb.

The answer will be based on NEC ( National Electrical code ) or CEC ( Cananda Electrical code ) or ECF ( Electrique Code France )
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My original plan was NM to a J box and GFCI receptacle inside, then run THWN from the load side in PVC conduit out the sill to an lb, up to a weather tight box with a receptacle and then up to a motion detection light. In the future, I would tap into the box to run power to a shed.

When I went to buy supplies, I could not find THWN by the foot, only 500' rolls. I also then discovered my 1/2 inch pipe is the inside diameter, not the outside and needed a 1" bit that was at least 8" long; over 30 bucks, yikes!

That's when someone suggested running UF from the J box, just drill a 1/2" hole and feed the cable into the LB on the outside. But I now realized I should have run an override switch so I want to run another conductor to the outside box. Haven't been able to find 3 wire UF cable yet (which I only need about 6' of)?

So I started thinking about running 2 14/2 cables, but that seems crowed in 1/2" pipe, I know I can't use NM and the way it's set up now, trying to get conduit through the sill would be very difficult.

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