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melanie_s 12-29-2007 02:51 PM

OK to put electrical outlet into storage area under stairs?
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I know there are some rules about putting electrical outlets into bedroom closets (our contractor told us that is not allowed) versus putting electrical outlets into larger closets (we have our laundry in a closet on the main floor, it's got 4 regular electrical outlets plus one 220V for the dryer...)

So I am not sure if we can (according to the building codes/standards that apply in Canada) relocate an existing outlet from inside the space that will be part of our rec-room, to the space under the stairs, which eventually will be closed off with a door. The reason being, is that all our internet equipment (cable modem, router, and a computer) resides in that space, and hence, we need to be able to plug it in. Now that we don't have drywall, this is no big deal, as we just snake the wires between the studs and plug them in. But once the drywall is up, we'd really need an outlet in that space.

Any thoughts or ideas on this one? Right now we are probably going to put a plastic pipe as conduit from the under-stair space over to the rec room space, through which we could run a power bar cord...but obviously if we can just move the outlet, I'd be happier with the aesthetics of that...

Thanks in advance!

gregzoll 12-29-2007 04:09 PM

If it is a Networking center, and not storage, you should have no problem. Personally, if I was wiring for a Data center, plan it out. In other words, how are you going to keep it cool, are you going to run conduit to allow data & voice wire to be pulled into the space later, etc. Also may want to consider some type of Heat & Smoke detection, along with water detector on the floor in case of flooding enters the space, especially if in a Basement.

Also, since this is under a Stairwell, it works out great for stepped shelving for maybe 3-4 shelves, but too narrow for lengthwise shelves such as Networking racks, which work better.

Also, look at a way to disconnect the power from that space without having to go across the room for the Circuit breaker, but make sure that not anyone can just throw the switch.

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