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permagrin 12-16-2011 09:40 PM

Odd Fireplace Outlet Behavior
I have a gas fireplace with a blower in it. The blower connects to a box that has three outlets on it, one for the blower, one for a remote (not used), and one is a low voltage outlet for the fireplace controls that is labeled 'transformer'. The blower outlet has a heat sensor connected to it that switches the outlet on and off. The blower seemed like it stopped working one day so I looked at it and noticed that it still spun, just real slow without a lot of power like it was struggling. When I unplug the blower cord from the blower outlet and connect it to any other outlet via extension cord or even into the remote outlet on the box the blower runs normally. So I waited for the blower to kick on when connected to the blower outlet and pulled the plug out and measured the voltage of the outlet from both hot to neutral and hot to ground. Both measured around 120V. I then plugged the blower cord in far enough so that the blower turns on (and again runs slowly with almost not power) but not completely in so that I can measure the voltage by putting the voltmeter probes directly on the blower plug leads. When I do this the voltage measures around 60V. I then unplugged the blower and plugged an extension cord into the blower outlet and then measured the voltage at the end of the extension cord which was 120V. Plugging the blower cord into the extension cord far enough to make the blower turn on but still being able to measure the voltage across the blower plug leads the meter reads 60V. I assume the blower is struggling due to the 60V but I have no clue why, by simply plugging the blower cord in, the voltage drops from 120V to 60V? I have no idea what needs fixing or replacing. It works fine when plugged into other 120V outlets, the blower outlet measures 120 volts but then drops to 60V once I plug the blower cord in. Weird. Thoughts?

kbsparky 12-17-2011 03:23 AM

Variable-speed circuit for the blower? IT may be operating normally ....

permagrin 12-17-2011 08:06 AM

I didn't think it had a fan control but it does, and that was it. I feel like the guy who calls computer support and they ask you if the computer is turned on. Thanks.

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