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No power coming out of breaker

I was rewiring an existing circuit last night. I left the home run wire the same but wired 3 new receptacles, the last one in the line being GFI. When I had it all wired up I turned the circuit on and everything was fine. My receptacle tester said everything was wired right so I turned the circuit off and screwed the receptacles in. I turned the breaker back on and heard a loud zapping sound coming from the breaker that continued for about 2 sec and then the breaker tripped. I turned the breaker all the way off and checked the receptacles. One of the ground wires had come in contract with the hot lead and had shorted out. I fixed the problem and turned the breaker back on but got no power anywhere. I reset the GFI but that didn't make a difference. Finally I took my panel cover off and tested the hot line coming out of the breaker - no power. I flipped the breaker a few times, still no go. I left it off all night and tried again in the morning in case it was heated up or something, still no go.

My question is, is this just a dead breaker or could there be another cause for this?


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Try a new breaker before you do anything.


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Simply swap it with another breaker in the panel, to see if the breaker has fried.

IF that is the case, just buy another new one, and you're good to go.

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Thanks guys. I haven't actually changed out a breaker before. Do I just shut off the main breaker, pop the breaker out, loosen the screw for the hot wire, then do those steps in reverse with the new breaker?
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First, get a flashlight. Shut off the main, remove the wire from the breaker, remove the the reverse with a new breaker.....then put the flashlight away.
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We don't know the brand of your panel but some have issues with the breaker contacts arcing to the bus bar. When you have the breaker out, just take a good look at the area where the breaker makes contact with the bus bar.


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