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Nothing surprises me when your dealing with the FHA.....

There is a lot of rumor when selling a house as to what has to be done code wise before the sale. The way I look at things if a home must be brought up to current building and electrical codes, then a home inspector is no longer needed. I don't believe they are required as it is. Only if the mortage company requires it.

In all honesty to bring a home up to current building and electrical code is a real can of worms if there ever was one. You would be talking several thousand dollars. As for requiring a disconnect at the meter or somewhere outside a dwelling IMO (as NAP said) ain't a bad idea but your going to have to show me that requirement in the local code before I'm forking out 1000 bucks for a main disconnect for old construction.

It would seem to me the minute they install that disconnect it becomes the service equipment and the can of worms is now opened.


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You talking to me?
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Originally Posted by jerryh3 View Post
You live in a big union city?
well, I live right across the state line from a city that once was the home to Studebaker, the birthplace of The Bendix Corporation. Next door to once industry giant American Rubber> Ball Band (remember red ball jets?)> Uniroyal. AM General (hummer). Fifteen miles down the road from the Clark Equipment Corp (forklifts and Bobcats (melroe) and stuff, now in Tennesse and Korea)(wow, I just found out Clark Equip is still based in South Bend).
About 25 miles from I/N Kote and I/N Tech divisions of Mittal Steel.

In my home town and current home, the birthplace of Kawneer Corp, the original inventor of all those aluminum store fronts and doors and the thresholds as well. Tyler Refrigeration was founded and still exists here (store refrigerated display cases)

There were many many more major manuf here that were union. Sadly to say, most of them no longer exist or have manuf divisions here. Those that are here are mere shadows of what once was.

So, do I live in a big union city? It is no longer "big" anything by average standards.

just for fun, Niles, Michigan (my hometown) is also the birthplace of the Dodge bros (you know, like in Viper), once hometown to Aaron Montgomery Ward (founder of Mongomery Ward stores), once home to Tommy Shaw (Styx), once home to Tommy James (of Tommy James and the Shondells (original group founded here)).

Down the road about 20 miles Terrible Ted Nugent had a home (may still live there, not sure). About 25 miles the other way, Muhommed Ali owns a home which was once owned by Al Capone.

South Bend (the major city in the above group) is the birthplace of, Vivica A Fox , David Stremme (former Nascar driver), Ryan Newman (Nascar driver), Michael Warren (Hill Street Blues, if you are old enough), Chad Everett (tv show Emergency, if you are old enough to know) and former NBA player Lee Nailon and used to be the home of Drewry's Brewrey and if you are really old, Kamm's beer from Kamm and Scheilinger Brewers was made in Mishawaka.

Ed Lowe, lived about 20 miles from me when he invented "Kitty Litter". Orville Redenbacher (popcorn guy) lived about 40 miles from here.

Jon Gruden attended high school in South Bend.
This is only a small bit of history of my area. I never realized how much history actually started here until I started playing with this thread.
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Unfortunately the demise of so many great American companies is usually blamed on the unions and collective bargaining. I'm not sure who to blame but it wasn't and never will be unions that cause a company to fail or move elsewhere. Foreign competition, foreign lobbying, export restrictions on American companies products overseas and a total lack of relating to the working class people by our elected officials at the federal level would be a beginning. I can remember many trips to the great companies of Michigan state over the years and the slow but steady fading of those companies and the unions that were their lifeblood. It is a sad thing to see and it appears that as long as foreign monies flow to our politicians in Washington at a much larger rate than our own manufacturers here in the USA , Michigan and most all other states of the union will never return to thriving economic centers with good paying jobs and the benefits that were once so common. In my lifetime I've never understood the lack of protection for American products and the businesses that manufacture them from foreign competition. Unfortunately they practice it for their products by restricting ours. We just don't seem to have officials in government that produce legislation that think American anymore, and therefore are for sale to the highest bidder.
I wish our major media would come around to their senses and show what has happened in Michigan instead of taking up the anti-union stance. The only people I ever met that were middle class and anti union were mostly ones that wished they were union and for some unknown reason wanted to see unions fail.... Shoot yourself in the foot syndrome.

Hats off to NAP for taking the time to research the great heritage and history of his state and local if we could just get our legislatures to do the same.......
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I appreciate everyones help. It has been intersting reading this throughout the day. I will let you all know what happens.

Just for giggles I will let you know some other things the inspectors wrote up:

electrical wire exposed incorrectly going through walls. (That ended up being a coax cable)

no moisure barrier under siding. (contractor came out and found moisture barrier)

sagging roof improperly braced (contractor advised it was strictly cosmetic, chalk line was run crooked when house was built.)

2 layers of shingles present on roof could cause leaking and shorten shingle life (had to laugh at that one)

incomplete insulation in attic (i was fixing a bathroom fan and forgot to fold 3 foot of insulation back in place.

possible foundation issues (ROFL on alabama clay you have got to be kidding, letters from 3 foundation specialists advise "who the hell are these people"

The list goes on. Seems like to me inspectors knew the people who were buying the house, and wrote up a report so they could back out on the sell. Anyway will be back on Tuesday. Another 24 hour shift tomorrow. SIGH
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When is fishing season?
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My 2 cents, We currently have an FHA loan. When they sent their inspector out to the house, he noticed that in the basement there was a recep that had no cover plate on it. He informed me that The house would not pass their inspection, and we would have to have the issues repaired (that was the ONLY one), then re apply for the loan!!!!!!!!!!

I got on the phone with the mortgage company and they laughed! They said it used to be that way, where ANY LITTLE THING could halt the process, but not anymore. We didn't have a problem getting the loan. But the inspector was a schmuck. He measured 2 rooms wrong, so we showed like 200-300 sq ft LESS than we have...


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