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edge130 11-02-2011 03:48 PM

NM cable and Dual fuel range
Doing a kitchen remodel. Considering a slide-in "dual fuel" range. [Bosch HDI 7282U] (gas burners, electric oven)
My question is can I run a continuous nm 8/3 cable securely along the floor joists below and drill a hole up through the kitchen floor at the rear of the 30" space between the base cabinets and directly connect the wires to the stove, using a nm cable clamp at the stove wiring box. The 8/3 nm cable is stranded wire and a few extra feet would coil easily behind the stove to permit the stove to be pulled out for servicing, if need be.
I understand about "physyical protection" and argue that behind the stove, nothing should come in contact with the nm cable to physically harm it. Slide in stoves don't go all the way in till it touches the rear wall. There is about 2" of free space between the sheetrock wall and the back of the dual fuel range.
Would not the 2 pole CB serve as the "disconnect". If the stove had to be serviced could not the 2 pole breaker be switched OFF and a lockout/tagout device be applied for safety?

Trying to avoid a receptacle and a plug

PS: The Bosch unit requires 30 amps, which is 10 ga wire, but some dual fuels specify 40 amp circuit. I was going to run 8/3 nm to be on the safe side and just use a 30amp 2P breaker if I go with the Bosch. If I go with, say a KitchenAid dual fuel range that requires the 40 amp circuit, I would use the 40amp 2P breaker.

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