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Newbie 100 Amp main panel question

If a 50 amp sub panel is added to a 100 main panel, will this really solve problems of breakers tripping, not enough circuits etc. Is it worth the expense to do this or just replace the main panel with a 150 amp? Thanks for any help.


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Nope. Adding capacity to your breaker box will do nothing to prevent branch circuits from tripping out.

You need to split up those branch circuits if you want to eliminate nuisance tripping.

HOWEVER, if you need additional spaces for more circuits (existing panel is full), then a sub-panel or larger panel would be the first step you have to take.

So tell us: Which circuit(s) are tripping, and what is connected and operating at the time when that happens?



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Re: 100 amp panel

Thanks for reply. The breakers tripping are usually from power tools table saw etc. Some one suggested I add 50 amp sub panel but with an air conditioning and stove and washing machine and other circuits wont all this be still too much for the 100 amp main panel? Is adding a sub panel just like adding a power bar to an outlet?
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Adding capacity will not stop a breaker from tripping.

If it was my breaker(s) that were tripping I would be asking myself:

what is on the circuit that is causing it / them to trip?
Is it a 15 amp circuit with tools and appliances pulling 15 + amps?
Is there a bad breaker?
Any loose connections?
Is the load on the panel "balanced"?
Is there any one tool that might be causing it?
What else is running when I'm trying to run the power tool?
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Is the main breaker tripping?

If not it sounds like you need some dedicated circuits for your power tools, if your main panel is full or your shop is a good distance away and you want a bunch of circuits in there a subpanel would be a good way to go.

Now if your tripping out the main breaker, it is time to look into doing a service upgrade.
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i have a 100 amp main, it runs my dishwasher, Stove, electric hot water heater, a few window a/c units, etc.
there are no problems. you can calculate how many amps you use by the appliances wired in your house
typically they are not all running at full speed together anyway

this may seem obvious, but are the breakers large enough to run your equipment?? it's possible you're running
appliances(such as an air compresser) on too small of a breaker, or as kb says, there are too many things on a single circuit

LOL, i type too slow:D


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