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WillK 04-28-2011 12:04 PM

New upgraded 200A service wire connections
I have 2 questions,the first I am just looking for confirmation that I am understanding everthing correctly if anyone could double check my plans for grounding connections please. I'll start with that.

I will be installing a 5/8" ground rod to which I will attach a #4 copper ground wire attached to the rod with an acorn.

So I will be running 2" rigid metal conduit underground to supply my garage subpanel, so I'll be running the #4 wire through a ground clamp attached to the conduit and this will then go into the wall and attach to the ground bar of my main service panel.

Apparently my POCO does not want the meter socket to have a parallel path to earth, they provide an online service equipment manual:

On page 8 of this document they show a diagram with wiring from ground rod to water pipe to main panel ground bus then to the meter socket, but they show X's through the wire between the ground bus and the meter socket and have a note that reads "DO NOT RUN OR CONNECT GROUND WIRE TO METER"

Second question. Yesterday I went to an electrical supply store. They have 11 branches in SE Michigan, have been around for over 90 years, I feel confident in them. So I said what I'm doing and that I need cable for my garage sub and my service entrance between the drop and the meter. I again was told #2 should be fine for the 100A subpanel, but I said I wanted 1/0 anyway and I got 150' of single conductor 1/0.

Here comes my question. For the 4/0, I asked for single conductor, he said usually the electicians are using SE type R cable. I said Even in conduit, so then I just cut away the outer sheathing for the drip loop. He said yup. So I went with it. If I have to buy this again, not a real big deal since it's just 15' so I can go up the 10' conduit, have length to make connections in the socket and have enough for more than 3' out of the weatherhead.

So after I get home, I look at this cable and I have black, red, white and bare wires. Should I go back and get 3 single conductors or can I use this as is or can I just take the sheathing off completely and just use the 3 conductors I need? Or I guess I could use the 4/0 SEU I had bought to go from meter socket to the panel? (I bought 15' of that, even though I might need about 3' or 4')

The meter will be on the outside of the same wall where the main panel is, this is in my utility room which is on a slab on grade.

WillK 04-28-2011 02:02 PM

Regarding the first question, I wanted to quickly clarify something for 2 reasons: first, to explain why I'm less than certain and second to emphasize for anyone else who might be reading this thread to learn for their own project how to do something like this that when it comes to meter hookups, this is an area where local requirements from your power company may make this kind of question one were just going by NEC isn't necessarily going to get you the answer you need.

While researching this, I had come across a diagram from Mississippi Power where they apparently want the ground rod connected to the meter socket:

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