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nelrolo3 03-11-2004 05:45 PM

New Switch / Ceiling Fixture - Help
OK - This is the second ceiling fixture / switch I've installed. First one went smoothly, so I thought the second would be a piece of cake. Wrong. The switch used to control a wall outlet. I used the existing Black / White / Ground at the switch to supply power, then I ran another Black / White / Ground from the switch to the ceiling fixture. At the switch, I connected the two grounds to the green grounding screw using a pigtail, then I connected the two black wires to the switch with the quick connects, then I connected the two whites together with a wire nut. At the fixture I connected black to black, white to white and grounds to green grounding screw. Turned power back on at the circuit and nothing. Light doesn't turn on or off. I used my tester at every point on the run and it reads 120 at all connections. I've tried multiple fixtures, switches and light bulbs (just so no one suggests it). Any ideas are welcome, as I'm at the end of my rope. :confused:

PS The outlet I'm getting power from reads "correct" with the plug-in tester that I have and it is no longer operated by the switch.

Unregistered 03-12-2004 06:11 PM

Go to the receptacle and make sure your white the switch is connected to a white (neutral) and not a black (hot). They might have been sending the hot to the switch on a white and back to the receptacle on the black to switch the recept. Therefore, you wouldn't have 120v at the switch to send to the fan.

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