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seanie 08-20-2006 04:49 PM

new sockets
i have just bought a new house and i want to put some sockets behind my TV
i have bang and olufsen sockets to add but what i want also is i have sky plus commin in behind the tv installed by the sky men and that is a hole with two wires commming through it ( not nice )

where can i get some connectors that are like airel sockets but for sky and fit them to the wall as i dont want randon sky cables.

also i want to connect my media center and i think i may install a scart socket at the back of the tv how long can scart extension sockets be.

jwhite 08-20-2006 06:07 PM

Most of the users here are from the USA. I doubt you will find relyable answers to your questions.

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