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Onytay 10-24-2007 04:12 AM

New service Question
Hello all,

I have 2 simple question that I need some help on, I have a mobile home that I need to run service to. I had underground service ran and I have a meter stand in the yard that has the meter and a Square D QO feed through load center, all 200a I have to run 150ft to the 100a panel in the house the question I need answered is with that distance what size wire should I run?

Also this question is more to help me to stop questioning myself, so please bear with me if this sounds to stupid. I used the QO feed through panel because of the distance I wanted to be able to have a few outside outlets. The question here is, Im going to wire up an outlet from this panel. The ground from the ground rod runs from the rod to the nuetral lug in the meter box, plus a wire from the neuetral lug to a bonding bushing on the pipe niple that connects the two boxes together. What I need reasurence on is I feel the grounding screw in QO box isn't nessasary since the nuetral and the ground are already bonded to the box, am I thinking clearly here?

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it greatly

Speedy Petey 10-24-2007 05:47 AM

The neutral to ground bond takes place in the main disconnect/panel. Once this is done that's it. It is not bonded ever again (with very few exceptions).

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