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The Barber 05-16-2008 12:14 PM

new service panel
I bought an older house I am upgrading and remodeling. Part of the house is old knob and tubing and the newer addition to the house is modern day romex. it all comes to a breaker box that is only 60 amp service panel. Because of the design of the house and because of poor planning on the part of the person doing the newer addition to the house, no new electricity can be added to the panel. ( a mute point because the panel cannot handle anything new nor can someone add a sub panel without modifying the structure of the house i.e. cutting out part of the attic to access the panel to add new wires) anyway my question is pertaining to moving the service panel. If I move it outside to where the loop is I will have this ugly box on the front of my beautiful Victorian style house. If I move it to another location I'm afraid I will run into cost outside of my budget. I need to upgrade my service panel to a minimum 200amp and have it accessible to add more circuits as I upgrade the house. Has anyone ran into a problem like this? if so what was your solution? any suggestions?

handyman78 05-16-2008 05:49 PM

Not knowing what you are planning to add or what services you currently have makes it difficult to assess however, if you are in the process of "upgrading and remodeling" you should do it right.

You currently have a service panel with less than normal capacity for a modern house. Depending on the size of the house and major appliances in use, you should have a 100a or much better 200a main. No matter what, you will need to have new service feeder connections to support a 200a service. This would also require a new meter box for 200a and a new panel for 200a. Changes will cost money both for parts and more so for labor. Although this is a DIY website, this work should be done by a licensed electrician after having the proper permits obtained.

The possible reason the previous owner didn't do this is because it can cost a significant amount of money depending on the amount of work involved.

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