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ToriW 10-14-2011 03:06 PM

New Service in Fixer Upper
I am and will be looking for various types of advice. As the eldest of 5 - as a child I helped my father build the addition onto the back of previous home as well as work with other projects. In short I have some knowledge yet am by no means an expert.

the question is on a fixer upper 2 Unit APT bldg (turning into single family) total of 10 rooms including kit & bath. I have a carriage house over garage that will need demolished - reframed and ultimately have utilites in it.

Can someone please tell me with only 100 AMPS coming in from the pole - IF I need a 150 AMP panel box?

Would 150 AMP service panel be overkill or Am I on the right track to avoid future costs? To be run -general appliances, forced AC/heat/, treadmill eleptical machines, TV, and 2 computer servers. These are the largest power hungry items to be in use.

I had been considering the 150 because I will add the carriage house to the line in the future - I wanted to leave room for growth and I dont want to ultimately do the same work twice.... Would like to be able to run a service line from one structure to another and start wiring in the future.

Please help?

NJMarine 10-14-2011 03:44 PM

100 amp most likely would be ok, but a load calc needs to be done. If upgrading I would go 200 amp.
The cost in materials from 150 to 200 is small.

gregzoll 10-14-2011 03:54 PM

If the carriage house is going to be a separate residence, most likely it will need its own drop and meter. Really need to check with your utility. As for the 2 unit, even though you are stating that it is single residence now, what is the current feed from the POCO to the structure now? If going to 150, what are you adding that you feel is going to use more power?

I have 100 amp service, and only use maybe 5 to 7 amps per hour. Monthly, we use maybe 50 amps on average. So again, what are you planning on installing that uses electric, that you feel that you need 150 amps, and how many people are going to be living there. Figure that out and find out what the utility is going to charge to change the service from 100 to 150, then get a hold of few electricians to see if their costs are worthwhile for the install. That including what they would charge for 100 amp drop to the carriage house.

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