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hyunelan2 10-12-2009 12:25 PM

New recessed lighting: Line Voltage vs. low voltage
I am going to be tearing out and redoing a ceiling in my diningroom. Around the edges of the ceiling, I am lowering the ceiling 4.5", 1' from the edge (so a trayed ceiling appearance). I want to install some recessed lighting on the part that will be lowered, 4-8 lights - haven't decided that quantity part yet. Since I can use new construction lighting, there are many options. Or, I can just use remodel lighting after the drywall is hung.

The lights I want are smaller, either 3" or 4". I am finding a lot of low voltage lighting in this size. There is no insulation contact in this area. I do want the lights to be dimmable, and that makes me confused with low voltage lighting.

I have installed recessed lighting before, but only the remodel kind and only line voltage. Should I just stick to what I can find in line voltage, for ease of installation and dimmer use?

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