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tomreva 01-08-2008 02:30 PM

New meter panel
I am replacing a 100A meter panel with an overhead feed to a 200A meter panel with an underground feed. Once P.G.&E. swaps over the power I'm going to temp in the existing panel from the new one until we start remodeling and install a 200A sub in the house and run all new circuits. Anyway I mounted the new panel, ran the new P.G.&E. conduit to the pole, drove the ground rod and grounded the panel. The county inspector came out to tag the panel and told me he wouldn't tag it until I installed a 20A GFCI convenience outlet below the panel. Why is this? P.G.&E. doesn't need it. They only need the panel to be grounded before they energize.

220/221 01-08-2008 03:13 PM

I don't know but it would have been easier just to do it than debate it.

JGarth 01-08-2008 03:21 PM

Because you didn't contact the inspection authority prior to your installation for the requirements in your area.
That should have been FIRST on your list.
Just do it.

Andy in ATL 01-08-2008 03:56 PM

Some of our county inspectors are wonderful men. Some of them are idiots. I often have conversations with myself weighing the pros and cons of arguement when it comes to the National Electric code and and common sense. 85% of the time I do what the 'spector wants, whether it is right or not.

On the other hand...This very well could be a requirement that the local jurisdiction has to provide temporary power for construction.

Any way you shake it, I'd install that sucker with a smile and an apology.:)


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