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new homeowner, inspection/electrical issues

hi, I am a first time homeowner, and am buying a vacant property that needs repair. It is a single family 2 bedroom single story home.

On the city Truth in Housing inspection report there are 3 electrical items that need repair within 90 days of property ownership. to me, it is basically Greek language. If someone could explain this so I can understand, and let me know if this is a major repair, I would be grateful:

1. "Missing grounding clamp on house side of jumper at
water meter. - Clamp must be on the house side of the
shutoff. There is no room for street side ground clamp
before the first shutoff. Missing grounding clamp on house side of jumper at
water meter. - Clamp must be on the house side of the
shutoff. There is no room for street side ground clamp
before the first shutoff. "

2. "Power mast is loose. State electric permit required. -
Mast and stay wire pulling from the house."

3. "GarageElectrical Outlets/Fixtures Exposed wiring ends/splices not in junction box.
Installation of junction box requires a state electric
permit. - Outside light fixture lacks a junction box. "

That is exactly like it is written.

Also, The inspector wrote that it is a 50 amp electrical supply, but someone told me it must be at least 60. There is a meter on the outside of the house.

The circuit breaker box has a label for 'washer/dryer" but I dont see any plugs anywhere (???) there are no appliances in the basement, but I do see water pipes where a tub should be, and mold on the basment wall where I think maybe either a washer or dryer was, but no outlets...

Also, is it hard to put in an outlet in the porch?

Any answers to these questions much appreciated, and any estimates on 'ballpark figure costs' would be appreciated so I know where I stand. Thanks!!


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Hi! you have a very easy and typical electrical problem. The electrical service needs to be replaced. Any licensed electrical contractor can easily do this work for you. The outside garage light is a no-brainer also, the guy who does your service might even do the simple fix for "free".

A lot of electrical jobs around the house can be done by the homeowner. The main service is always done by a contractor because of the dangers involved and the many technical aspects of the job. Your local electrical utility will not connect your home without having a permit.



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The 3 items you list are fairly easy, but if you do not understand them, best if a pro does the work. The electrical service is a big deal and should only be done by a pro. Many areas allow the live in homeowner to do their own electrical work, but a permit/inspection is still required.

1. The electrical system in the house has to have a path to earth ground, one of those is along the water pipes. There is always a jumper around the water meter to maintain the ground in the event the meter is removed for some reaso. One of the clamps is missing or not right.
2. The mast head where the power wire comes into the house is loose and in danger of pulling off.
3. All wiring connections MUST be in a junction box. Wires spliced together in the open are not allowed, and are a potential shock and fire hazard. You either need to have a junction box installed or new wire.

For a better education as a new homeowner, there are lots of good DIY and informational books at home and hardware stores.
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