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bobblehead 01-14-2009 05:33 PM

new homeowner, electrical questions
hi, I am a first time homeowner, and am buying a vacant property that needs repair. It is a single family 2 bedroom single story home.

On the city Truth in Housing inspection report there are 3 electrical items that need repair within 90 days of property ownership. to me, it is basically Greek language. If someone could explain this so I can understand, and let me know if this is a major repair, I would be grateful:

1. "Missing grounding clamp on house side of jumper at
water meter. - Clamp must be on the house side of the
shutoff. There is no room for street side ground clamp
before the first shutoff. Missing grounding clamp on house side of jumper at
water meter. - Clamp must be on the house side of the
shutoff. There is no room for street side ground clamp
before the first shutoff. "

2. "Power mast is loose. State electric permit required. -
Mast and stay wire pulling from the house."

3. "GarageElectrical Outlets/Fixtures Exposed wiring ends/splices not in junction box.
Installation of junction box requires a state electric
permit. - Outside light fixture lacks a junction box. "

That is exactly like it is written.

Also, The inspector wrote that it is a 50 amp electrical supply, but someone told me it must be at least 60. There is a meter on the outside of the house.

The circuit breaker box has a label for 'washer/dryer" but I dont see any plugs anywhere (???) there are no appliances in the basement, but I do see water pipes where a tub should be, and mold on the basment wall where I think maybe either a washer or dryer was, but no outlets...

Also, is it hard to put in an outlet in the porch?

Any answers to these questions much appreciated, and any estimates on 'ballpark figure costs' would be appreciated so I know where I stand. Thanks!!

joed 01-14-2009 06:54 PM

Fairly simple.
1.The ground cable needs to be jumpered around the water meter. It needs to be clamped to the water pipe on both side of the meter so that if the meter is removed the ground is still present.
2.The mast(pipe) and guide wires where your house connects to the utility power lines from the pole is loose and needs to be fasten back to the house.
3.All wire connection must be made in junction boxes. You have some splice just hanging that are not in junction boxes.

A 50 amp service is probably going to need to be replaced. Most insurance companies won't insure anything less than 100 amp
Full service replacement will take care of item #2 and probably #1 as well. Depending on where you live this could be anywhere from $1500 to $3500 or more if you live in California. Rates seem to be very high out there.

finnimus 01-14-2009 07:11 PM

If you haven't purchased the property yet, my personal advice would be to have an electrical specific inspection. Some of the general inspections don't catch all of the code/safety issues. The 50 amp service sounds like it's from an older home, so when you replace the service, you might also want to look at the condition of the wiring. We moved into an older home and I wish we had the electrical inspection done.

Speedy Petey 01-14-2009 08:46 PM

May I ask what state you are in that they require a "state electric permit" to put an exposed splice in a junction box? :whistling2: :huh:

I understand that this is most likely a CYA issue for the guy who wrote it up, but come on.

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