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Dirtrnr 02-09-2009 05:59 PM

New Home Wiring - Seeking Expert Advice
I'm a retired USAF aircraft maintainer (have knowledge of aircraft wiring requirements, but only passing awareness of NEPA 70 and ANSI/NECA 1-2006, etc.)

After taking posession of a newly constructed home I noticed the Attic Wiring "appears" to have "issues" ... BUT ... the builder (Del Webb/Pulte) /sub-contractor says its ok.

1. Wiring for HVAC Flow Valves rest against a threaded down-rod for the air handler support.
- Wiring is held about a foot from resting arc, so there is constant contact and very slight pressure.
- Air handler vibrates when in operation.
- Appears (to me) to be an eventual shorting/fire hazard.
- Also: Is there a maximum allowable distance between supports for an electric valve control wire?

2. Wiring for recessed lights (for rooms below attic) contacts with sharp edge of the metal plates used to support the joints in the pre-fabricated rafters.

3. Wiring for the HVAC Fan is looped through a rafter, with no staples or other securing devices in the last 10 feet or so.

All of these seem to be either a violation of code or at the least not neat and workmanlike, but I'm far from an expert. Can someone educate me?


misterc 02-09-2009 06:19 PM

It sound like you have very legitimate complaints. The fact that the work is not completed in a professional manner is a code violation in itself.
The code clearly states that all work be performend in a workmanlike manner. If your builder is giving you a runaround you always have the option of contacting your local electrical inspector on your own.
If these issue are apparent on the exposed equipment you have to wonder what is hidden.

J. V. 02-10-2009 10:26 AM

Call your local building permit office and ask if they can come and do a "Safety Check". Make sure you use the word safety. Chances are good they will respond.
Or just tell your builder you are calling the AHJ. That may be enough for him to act.
Lastly, the builder or the inspector cannot see everything or find all the problems. If it were me, I would hire a licensed electrical company to do an inspection. This small investment is well worth every penny.

Billy_Bob 02-10-2009 10:33 AM

I've known a few aircraft maintenance types in the past and I'll say you guys are the best when it comes to installing and repairing things properly. And you have to be. Can't exactly have the flight deck filling with smoke from wiring problems!

But when it comes to other fields, you'll find that the level of workmanship is nowhere near the same level as with yours. Their knowledge of what can go wrong is not at the same level either.

With that said, I would advise you to fix these things yourself. The people you are talking to probably have no idea why these things could be a problem. And they are not going to fix these things as you would think they should be fixed.

I went through this with a car I had. I took it into the shop 3 times under warranty and they could not fix it properly. I finally fixed it myself. I've been repairing my vehicles myself ever since. (Saves time and I do it right.)

Just use common sense with the above.

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